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Can I make “magnesium oil” by adding water to magnesium chloride flakes?

Our analists in cooperation with the magnesium health institute were performing tests and this is their conclusion:

We do not recommend using flakes as a basis for making high concentrated “magnesium oil” greater then 5%. The flakes are produced by an evaporating process. The brine from the source is heated up to approximately 160 Degrees Celcius and the water is evaporated till a concentration of 47% of magnesium chloride is reached. This concentration represents the right proportions to get magnesium chloride hexahydrate [ MgCl2.6(H2O) ] which gives a stable flake  after crystallization on a cooling-belt.

Due to the heating for evaporation a very small amount of MgCl2 will decompose to MgOHCl (magnesium hydroxide chloride), MgCO3 (magnesium carbonate) and some HCl (hydrochloric acid) in the vapor stream. These products are also responsible for the white haze that can be seen after dissolving the flakes. These products are not directly hazardous but are by products of the necessary production step to get flakes. For applications up to 5%, such as bath applications, the flakes are perfect.

For topical applications with higher concentrations, we recommend the pure natural magnesium oil straight from the source without any heat treatment. This magnesium oil is especially selected for this application and is secured by the Zechstein Inside batch protocol.

 Why is Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride so special?

First it comes as is straight from the source. The Zechstein source is unique in quality / purity.

As Zechstein Minerals we developed a selection procedure with Nedmag (shareholder) the source owner. Nedmag extracts from several wells magnesium chloride.  This procedure is called the “Zechstein Inside® batch protocol” and has several stages before we produce a certified batch.

Nedmag’s magnesium chloride wells are the source for the high quality natural magnesium chloride.

Zechstein Minerals BV executes the protocol for the highest quality selection, the so called “Zechstein Inside®” batch protocol.

Based on the batch protocol, Zechstein Minerals checks before production the main quality of the production wells based on daily analyses. The bases of the Zechstein Minerals production is based on Nedmag’s GMP.

If the analyses are within the constraints to meet the Zechstein Inside® quality, the well is selected for production of a Zechstein Inside quality batch.

This production will be than lined up under witnessing of Zechstein Minerals  to a separate storage, from which the delivery of magnesium chloride to Zechstein Minerals takes place.

The produced batch will be sampled and analysed in more detail. A detailed element scan on the ICP is the basis of the analyses.

If this analysis is within constraints for the Zechstein Inside quality, the batch will receive its Certificate of Origin (CoO) and the Zechstein Inside ® quality label.

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