Please take into account that the information provided to you, is limited to our products as delivered to you in bulk, ex works. Our products guarantees the unique Zechstein Inside® batch protocol | ZI®. All following process steps, bottling or reformulations, etc. take place outside our liability.


    Zechstein Inside® batch protocol | ZI®
Our Natural magnesium chloride brine is produced by Nedmag Mining and Industries b.v. (our co-share holder) from the Zechstein source under the special dedicated batch selection protocol (Zechstein Inside® batch protocol | ZI®).  The ZI® batch protocol guarantees ‘the best from the best’ from the Zechstein source that brings up the purest natural magnesium chloride in the world. The ZI® quality is marketed as a “Topical Grade”.

    Product information file
Upon your request, the general data sheets regarding: Brine, Gel, Scrub gel and Flakes are provided.

Our magnesium chloride is exempted from registration and evaluation in accordance with appendix V of REACH (naturally occurring minerals that are not chemically modified). Our products do not belong to the so-called ‘Substances of very high concern’.

Contamination risk is no issue. Microbiological tests are not necessary to elaborate, because there can’t be any bacterial, viral or fungus life in the 31% magnesium chloride solution.

The brine and flakes (when stored correctly) don’t have any stability issues.  For our gels we recommend 36 months after opening, but that’s just a recommendation. Our oldest products are 7 years old now without displaying any problem. We provide the highest concentration out of the well production, but if the product cools it can form some crystals on the bottom of the container.

    Dermatological- & chemical safety
Upon your request, our recent safety statements are provided.

    Doses, Applications and Formulations
Because we only provide the basic products in bulk, we recommend to get in touch with specialized parties like The Magnesium Health Institute for information about doses, applications and formulations.